Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I recently read an article concerning Arizona and its rather liberal attitude on gun control. There is legislation under way that would allow persons with concealed weapons permits to carry guns in bars and restaurants (you can't drink though)....and hey, who doesn't want to go to the bar with their favorite concealed pistol and not drink? Anyway, I'm not really pro or anti gun but that article was the inspiration for the bullet piece I modeled above.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Most of the time I create 3D models with just a general idea of the subject matter I want to create...I let them evolve organically. Occasionally though I'll draw a sketch or if I'm drawing an inanimate object I'll take some measurements and put them on paper. Here's a little sample below...

I love watches, I hate time, that's really the only reason I thought to design and model a watch. The quote inscription is from Emily Dickinson.

Crappy Little Sketches

My fans have demanded I add more content to my blog so I'm adding a feature called Crappy Little Sketches. Probably once a day I will draw a crappy little sketch, giving myself around 2-7 minutes with no reference other than what I'm thinking about at the time. For my first crappy little sketch I did my best to draw Groo the Wanderer in a few minutes from memory. Groo was one of my favorite childhood comics (I still have several somewhere in a box) by one of my favorite artists, Sergio Aragones of MAD fame.